PATCHS online consultation

We’d like to let you know about an exciting new way to contact your GP online. We no longer use "e-consult" and have now moved over to a system called PATCHS

What is PATCHS?

PATCHS is the new easy way for you to contact your GP practice online. PATCHS has been designed by GPs to make it easier to contact your practice and save you time.Just answer a few simple questions and PATCHS gets you the help you need quickly.

You can use PATCHS to contact your GP practice for health advice, condition monitoring, repeat prescriptions, fit notes, appointment bookings, and more.

PATCHS provides lots of benefits including being able to make requests in your own time, avoid telephone queues and waiting rooms, and getting quick responses. PATCHS also helps patients who struggle to contact their GP practice using the telephone or in-person. This includes patients who have hearing or speaking impairments, anxiety, and who speak English as a second language.

Click on the link to register and use PATCHS 


PATCHS Patient Guide

PDF, 804.2 KB

Published on 14 June 2023