GP National Survey Results July 2022

In July 2022 the latest National GP Survey Results were released. The survey assesses patients' experiences of healthcare services provided by GP practices across England, including patients experience of accessing their practice, making an appointment, the quality of the care received from healthcare professionals, and their overall experience of the services offered by their GP Practice.

The past 12-months has been a very challenging period for Northgate Village Surgery, with the transition back to some normality with the pandemic restrictions easing, delivering the Covid vaccination programme through our primary care network, and changes in staff at the Practice. 

The 2022 Patient Survey Results for Northgate Village Surgery

Overall Experience

The overall experience of Northgate Village Surgery was 64% - 27% very good
(overall National 72% and Cheshire & Merseyside 74%; very good National 38% and Cheshire and Merseyside 40%

Accessing the practice

The overall experience of making an appointment at Northgate Village Surgery was 42% good - 13% very good
(overall National 56% and Cheshire & Merseyside 55%; very good National 23% and Cheshire & Merseyside 23%)

The helpfulness of receptionists at Northgate Village surgery was 81% helpful - with 26% very helpful
(overall National 82% and Cheshire & Merseyside 83%; very good National 37% and Cheshire & Merseyside 39%)

Patients were offered a choice of appointment when they last tried to make a general practice appointment at Northgate Village Surgery - 45% agreed
(National 59% and Cheshire & Merseyside 56%)

Appointment Experience

The healthcare professional at Northgate Village Surgery was good at giving the patient enough time - 83% - 38% very good
(overall National 83% and Cheshire & Merseyside 85%; very good National 48% and Cheshire & Merseyside 51%)

The health professional was good at listening to the patient - 83% with 38% very good
(National 85% and Cheshire & Merseyside 86%; National 49% and Cheshire & Merseyside 52%)

The healthcare professional at Northgate Village Surgery was good at treating the patient with care and concern - 78% with34% very good
(National 83% and Cheshire & Merseyside 85%; National 49% and Cheshire & Merseyside 53%)

The patient had confidence and trust in the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to at Northgate Village Surgery- 94% with 58% definitely
(National 93% and Cheshire & Merseyside 94%; National 64% and Cheshire & Merseyside 67%)

The patients’ needs were met by Northgate Village Surgery- 94% with 47% definitely
(National 91% and Cheshire & Merseyside 92%; National 57% and Cheshire & Merseyside 59%)

Where we can improve

Easy to get through to this GP practice by phone - 53% with 8% very easy
(National 53% and Cheshire & Merseyside 51%; National 14% and Cheshire & Merseyside 13%)

We understand patient frustrations when trying to access the surgery by phone at certain times of the day. 53% is not a score that we are happy with and we recognise the need to improve access via the phone. We have listened and acted on this patient feedback.

We have reduced the phone message length so patients do not have to wait as long before the call is picked up. We are looking into data to view peak times for calls to manage staffing. The phone system is monitored throughout the day to check for how many patients are in the queue at any one time which will allow the management team to prioritise staff to take calls when needed.

There are some other ways that you could help reduce the demand on the phone lines at specific times of the day:

  • If your query is non-urgent please ring after 10am - this will allow those with urgent needs or trying to access an on-the-day appointment an easier route
  • You can use the NHS app to book and cancel appointments, as well as ordering your repeat medication. This saves the need to ring the surgery.
  • Each morning at 8am a number of pre-bookable appointments are released online to be booked via the NHS App. This reduces the number of patients trying to ring through at 8am for an appointment
  • If your appointment request is non-urgent and doesn't require an on-the-day appointment please request a pre-bookable appointment. All our pre-appointments are on 2 weeks in advance.
  • We have a number of new roles in the surgery that may be more appropriate than a GP - including physiotherapists, occupational therapists specialising in mental health, and an in-house clinical pharmacist. You may be offered an appointment with one of these additional healthcare professionals.


Published on 21 November 2022